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As a web developer, we want to work with tools that are easy to use and includes a lot of features. so, in this post, we’ll discuss one framework which gives us a lot of feature and functionality to use with ease. The framework which we are going to discuss is the CSS Framework that is Bootstrap.

before understanding the Bootstrap itself lets first understand the word “Framework” and why it is termed as Framework.

What is Framework?

A framework is basically a set of features or set of functionality which extend the feature of particular programming language or web language or style language. It is termed as a framework because it works as a frame for a particular language to work with extra features that language itself can’t provide.

There are two Types of Framework that is Front-end Framework and Back-end Framework

For Example :

Suppose you want to create an application with the help of Python Programming language and in this application, you want to include a feature of user registration and user authentication. as we know python is very popular easy to learn language with a lot of modules but for our application, the feature we want would not be possible with core python language so, in this case, we should consider to use Python Framework like Flask or Django. because Django or flask will provide with us feature like user registration and authentication.

Now we know what is Framework and why it is termed as framework so, lets look at CSS Framework Bootstrap.

What is Bootstrap ?

The Bootstrap is a Front-End Free and Open Source CSS Framework which provides extra functionality to core CSS so, Developer can develop responsive and Mobile-first Application/websites. It contains CSS and JavaScript-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation, and other interface components.

As we know CSS is Based on Classes and ID’s and Bootstrap provide us with a lot of prebuilt classes so, using those classes we could design and develop the responsive mobile-first website with ease.

The major things that Bootstrap provide us is Following:

  • Utilities
  • CSS Components
  • Grid and Flexbox
  • JavaScript Widget


The Bootstrap includes Utilities Classes for Basic Typography, Text Alignment & Display,Floats & Position,Colors & Background,Spacing,Sizing, Breakpoints , etc.

CSS Components

The Second is CSS Components like Button, Form groups, Badges, Navbar, Alert, Progress Bar, Input groups, Table, Pagination, Cards, List groups Media Objects, etc.

Grid And Flexbox

Grid system is the core of Responsiveness and Bootstrap provide a lot of Grid System Classes to work with. like Grid Alignment, Flexbox and Auto margin & Wrap Up.

JavaScript Widget

As we know Creating JavaScript Widget with Core JavaScript Language is Difficult task so, Bootstrap also provides JavaScript Widget classes for Carousel, Collapse, Tooltips, Popovers, Modals, ScrollSpy.

now we know what is Bootstrap Framework and its Features. so lets talk about how we can use these features of bootstrap to make responsive and mobile-first website /Applications.

How to work with Bootstrap ?

There are many ways you can work with Bootstrap like using CDN (Content Delivery Network) or Downloading Source File to use locally. there are situations when we need to consider when to what use .if you are developing website for production then you should use bootstrap locally using downloaded source file. but if you are developing website for just practice then you should use CDN.


Bootstrap is Free Open-Source Front-end CSS Framework directed at responsive, mobile-first front-end web development.

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