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Hello guys, As a developer I have used many tools but there are some popular and important tools which should be known to every developer. so, I decided to write a post on these tools.

In this post, we’ll talk about the top 4 Developer tools and these are the tools every Developer should use. I considered these 4 tools as top because these are the tools with most installation’s and easy to use.

The followings are the top tools :

  • Git (Version Control System)
  • GitHub
  • Chrome

Now Let’s look at each in detail:

VS CODE (Visual Studio Code)

This Tool required no Introduction because this Tool is used by Millions of developer as their Primary Editor. but for Some of you who might don’t know what it is let me give the quick intro of it. VS Code or Visual studio code is basically a Free Open Source Editor which is Developed and Launch by Microsoft for Windows, Linux and Mac users.

Vs Code Includes many Features like debugging, syntax highlighting, intelligent code completion, snippets, code refactoring, and embedded Git. beyond this, it will let download third party Extensions/Packages to provide you with great Accessibility so you can Customize your Project the way you want.

Extension Vision secrets
Credit : Vs code

One Of The Most Important Feature that I like is you can do programming in any languages you want in this editor because it includes all programming languages extension with some cool features.

Vs Code has reduced the headache of typing boilerplate code for HTML, CSS, etc. With its Emmet Feature. If you don’t know what is Emmet let me Explain to you Emmet is basically the Extension which will allow you to type just “!” this symbol and you will get the whole boilerplate Structure of the HTML.

Git (Version control System)

Second is Git (version control system) and I have the whole article on it and you should visit this article.


GitHub is the online platform where you can store file Remotely and share with others. I have seen many developers don’t understand what is Git and GitHub.

let’s See the Example:

Suppose you are final year student and you have to do final year project with your project partner. Now you want to track all of the changes you do in you project files so for this you will be using git which is nothing but the version control system and helps you to keep track of all changes in a file.

Let’s say your partner is far away from you so, how would you share those changes to him/her? and here GitHub comes into picture which allows you to store your project files and share with those to your partners or colleagues so, they can remotely access those project file and review your changes. this is how Git and GitHub Works.


Last But not the least is Chrome, why I have chosen Chrome as a top tool because it is one of the most used web browsers in the world and cross Platform means you can use it on Linux and Mac, as a web developer you should know how to use chrome DevTools and if you don’t know what is DevTools then you can read my Article on 7 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW AS A WEB DEVELOPER.

Also Chrome Has lot of Extensions out there and you can use those extensions to enhance the flexibility of Chrome Browser.


The Conclusion is Simple Guys if you are Developer then You Should familiarize yourself with these tools.

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