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What is Django?

Django is a web application framework written in Python programming language. It is based on MVT (Model View Template) design pattern. The Django is very demanding due to its rapid development feature. It takes less time to build application after collecting client requirement.

This framework uses a famous tag line: The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

It is a backend framework used to resolve problems of connectivity with databases, other server problems, SEO solutions, etc. so that a web developer need not write the same code for the similar modules (like database connection, admin interface) for each website.

Why Learn Django?

Before learning any technology, we should know the reasons to learn it.Django offers lots of features and is a new emerging technology of the future. Since it is based on python, which itself is a very powerful language and also is going to be used in the future extensively, therefore, it is worthwhile to learn Django.

Some important reasons to learn Django include:

  • Open-Source Technology
  • Best Software Community
  • Well Maintained Documentation
  • Lots of Pre-Made Apps
  • Evolved Over Time

Features of Django

  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • Rapid Development
  • Versatile
  • Open Source
  • Vast and Supported Community
  • Portability


Django takes security seriously and helps developers to avoid many common security mistakes, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery etc. Its user authentication system provides a secure way to manage user accounts and passwords.


Django is scalable in nature and has ability to quickly and flexibly switch from small to large scale application project.

Rapid Development

Django was designed with the intention to make a framework which takes less time to build web application. The project implementation phase is a very time taken but Django creates it rapidly.


Django is versatile in nature which allows it to build applications for different-different domains. Now a days, Companies are using Django to build various types of applications like: content management systems, social networks sites or scientific computing platforms etc.

Open Source

Django is an open source web application framework. It is publicly available without cost. It can be downloaded with source code from the public repository.

Vast and Supported Community

Django is an one of the most popular web framework. It has widely supportive community and channels to share and connect.


All the codes of the Django framework are written in Python, which runs on many platforms. Which leads to run Django too in many platforms such as Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

Django is widely accepted and used by various well-known sites such as:

Companies using django

Other sites like Mozilla, Bitbucket and The Washington Times Also use Django.

In next post we will see MVT pattern of Django.

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