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In this post, we’ll See CSS Framework Which is Materialize CSS. Will Answer Some Of the Basic Questions like what is materialize? , why we need this? , how we can use this? and all. Many Of you Guys are familiar with Bootstrap Which is Also the CSS Framework. if you want to know more about Bootstrap You can read My Post On WHAT IS BOOTSTRAP AND HOW IT WORKS.

What is Materialize CSS?

Materialize is Nothing But the Another CSS Framework like Bootstrap. it is a UI component library which is created with CSS, JavaScript and HTML. It is created and designed by Google. Materialize CSS is also known as Material Design. Materialize has in-built responsive designing so that the website created using Materialize will redesign itself as per the device size.

Why We Need Materialize CSS ?

The first question that comes in our mind is that why we need this Materialize CSS Framework if we already have Framework like Bootstrap. The Answer of this Question is that Materialize CSS is based on Materialize Design Which is Developed by Google for UI/UX Purpose. You should Consider Materialize CSS for Your Project Because it “Speed Up The Development”, “Focused On User Experience” and “Very Easy to Work With”.

Materialize makes Developer life Easier By providing Component for animation and Transition with Customization so you can Do more with less effort. Peoples are Creating Very Unique and interactive sites. You can see these sites and get inspiration to create one of yours.

List of Some of the Beautiful Sites Created with Materialize CSS are :

Now This point we are clear with what is Materialize CSS and Why To use it. so let’s Look What are the Functionality Materialize CSS is Providing.

Materialize CSS Provide us Various Functionality like Starter Templates, CSS Utilities, Components, JavaScript Components, Forms and Mobile Responsive Plugin.

Starter Templates

They have created some starter templates so you can easily start designing your website with minimal setup up time. Browse through their collection and download your best fit.

CSS Utilities

Materialize CSS Provide us Various CSS Utilities to work with like Colors, Grid, Helpers, Media, Transitions, etc. Best thing is here you will get a lots of color options because Materialize Providing color palette based on the material design base colors and Each of these colors is defined with a base color class and an optional lighten or darken class.


Like Bootstrap Materialize Also Providing Components but with extra options. Materialize CSS provides components like Badges, Buttons, Breadcrumbs, cards, collections, footer, pagination, etc. One of the best Component is Icons so you don’t have include font Awesome and all. it also provides preloader like linear, circular and Circular Flashings colors.

JavaScript Components

Materialize CSS comes with very handy JavaScript Components. it provides components like carousel, Dropdown, tooltips, waves, Modal, etc. The best thing About Materialize CSS JavaScript components is that you can initialize all components with single function call using AutoInti() function. It is important to note that you cannot pass in options using this method.

Another great component is “Sidenav” which will allow you to create slide out menu so you don’t have to worry about core CSS. they have also include Waves which is external library to create ink effect.


Unlike Bootstrap Materialize CSS Has Given Us Separate From Components so we can get more out of it. with text inputs they have provided components like switches, pickers, Chips and many more.

Mobile Responsive Plugin

they have Provided with us Mobile friendly plugin for Drag out menu and Toast Messages.

Materialize CSS Also Provide Theme for fast development you can see here.

How You Can Use Materialize CSS in Your Projects?

There are mainly Two options that is You can use CDN link or Download Source files and use it locally.


Conclusion is simple if you are using Bootstrap and you want to try Materialize CSS then Definitely you should. or if you wan to know more about Google Material Design then you can Explore this Materialize CSS Framework.

As I have Mentioned materialize provide us great component with less code and effort that might take more code and efforts in bootstrap so you should go for materialize CSS.

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