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Before Understanding the git first lets understand the version control system.

What is version Control system ?

Version control system are a set of software tools which help us in managing different version of our code. when we modified the code, version control system tracks each modification and provide us with details of each we can see those changes and take action based on those changes. We can even roll back to previous version of our code using VCS.

now we know what is VSC so, lets look at what is Git and why to use it .

Basic Git commands explaine
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What is Git ?

Git is one of the Version control system which is freely available and open source. according to the Stack Overflow git is most used version control system. Basically git is distributed version control system which means you can collaborate with others and each person have all the project, everyone can do their module work separately and after then merge those changes to main files.

What is Git? Git Explained – QuadraNet
Distributed Git (Version control System)

Why to use Git ?

Git is the most commonly used version control system. Git tracks the changes you make to files, so you have a record of what has been done, and you can revert to specific versions should you ever need to. Git also makes collaboration easier, allowing changes by multiple people to all be merged into one source. 

So regardless of whether you write code that only you will see, or work as part of a team, Git will be useful for you.

In next post we will see how we can install git and use it locally.

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