7 things you should know as a web developer

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In this post we’ll show you 7 most important things as a web developer you should know.

  1. HTML / CSS / JS
  2. Git and GitHub
  3. Browser Devtools
  4. API
  5. Authentication
  6. Deployment
  7. MVC (Model, View, Controller)


The most important skill or knowledge every developer should know first is these three basics building blocks i.e. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

You will be using HTML and CSS in frontend for an interface. Just right click on your web browser and then select view page source options. you will find the structure of your website where a lot of HTML tags are used for a different purpose.

Git and GitHub

Git is one of the most popular version control systems which is used in most of the organization. Chances are higher that you need to work on this version control if you get a job as a web developer. This is the reason you should definitely spend some time learning Git and some basic commands like cloning, pushing to repositories, making a pull request, merging branches, etc.

Browser Devtools

You can do a lot of stuff using browser Devtools like debugging, editing HTML elements, editing CSS properties, checking device, tracking JavaScript error, etc.

Every Developer should be aware of using different tabs(elements, console, network, etc.) in DevTools to make their work easier and faster. Depends on your browser you can use any DevTools like Chrome DevTools, Firefox DevTools or whatever browser you are using.

API (Application Programming interface)

In Web Development you will be working a lot with APIs which is basically dealing with third party data. it allows developers to use some of the functionality without sharing the code. There is an Awesome GitHub repository of APIs which you can use for a different purpose and it also gives you a lot of project ideas.


There is a huge chance that you will be dealing with user authentication to track the users on a specific websites, For example, allowing the users to log in, log out or create some resources from their personal account, which user created which resource or blocking some pages for those users who are not logged in.


as a web developer you should have the knowledge of maintenance, scaling, Migrating and deploying your code on different platforms like cloud, AWS, Heroku, Netlify etc. A lot of options are there so spend some time learning about these platforms, how these services work and how to deploy or maintain your code on these platforms.

MVC (Model, View, Controller)

MVC is a design pattern that saves a lot of time of developers separating the whole application in three different sections. Working on the MVC pattern makes development faster and easier. A lot of the higher-level frameworks like Django (Based on MVT close to MVC), Laravel, Angular based on MVC patterns.

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